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A no deposit bonus is a promotional offer from Malaysian bookmakers and gambling platforms. Contrary to the popular way of depositing money and getting access to bets, no deposit bonuses let you work without them and get a fair chance of winning.

These offerings are usually a part of the welcome bonus, referral bonus, or premium bonus. The basic idea is to get free deposits to use in the bookie to place bets. It helps gain valuable traction from interested bettors and makes the events on the platform more accessible.

These bonuses are an excellent way for someone to try out the bookmaker’s events and betting structure before they enroll or deposit money from their pocket. However, please note that these bonuses come with their terms and conditions that you need to keep in mind.

So, if you have been wondering about no deposit bonuses on Malaysia’s bookmakers, how they differ, and how you can avail of them, you’ve come to the right place.


How Does Sports Betting No Deposit Bonus Work?

No deposits bonuses in Malaysia

Bookmakers no deposit bonus in the context of sports betting is very similar to how it works in any online casino or poker room. The difference is that these specially cater to those interested in betting on sports and wish to try a hand at it.

Sportsbooks bring newer players into the scene by offering them a reasonable bonus amount that lets them bet without placing any of their own money at stake. So, as soon as you register yourself with a no deposit bonus Malaysia sportsbook, you can access the bonus and start placing bets on the applicable events or matches.

Table Comparison Between Deposit and No Deposit Bonuses
Now that the concept of no deposit bonus is clear, you may wonder how different it is from a deposit bonus. Well, below, we’ve listed all the significant differences between a deposit and no deposit bonus Malaysia.


Deposit Bonus

No Deposit Bonus


These are bonus funds or free bets/ spins offered when depositing real money.

These are bonus funds or free bets/ spins offered even if you don’t make a deposit.

Player Requirement

Players need to deposit money to claim the bonus.

Players do not need to make any deposit to claim the bonus.


They are often higher in amounts with more perks.

These are smaller amounts to accustom you to the games and bets.

Risk Level

Low risk is involved.

Little to no risk is involved.

Game Restrictions

There are almost no restrictions on games and bets across the platform.

Some restrictions apply across the games and bets on the platform.

Withdrawal Restrictions

Players can withdraw once they meet wager requirements.

Sometimes, players can withdraw after winning, but in other cases, it is only allowed if you deposit some funds with your own money.


They are a standard offer available to active users.

These bonuses are rare offers only available to new users, and not all bookmakers offer them.

Promotion Type

They often come with a welcome package, may be part of a loyalty program, or a reload bonus.

They come as a bonus code when first registering on the betting site.

Bonus Codes

They rarely require a bonus code to be entered.

You need to enter a bonus code to avail of this exclusive offer.

Expiry Period

They may or may not have an expiry date.

They have an expiry date and must be availed before it is due.


How to Claim a No Deposit Bonus?

How Does Sports Betting No Deposit Bonus Work

When you learn how bookmakers no-deposit bonus works, it is natural to want to try it out at least once. In many cases, these can be a great way to try out the bets and markets in a particular bookie.

So, here is how you can avail of a no deposit bonus Malaysia.

Find the Right No Deposit Bonus Bookmaker

The first step is to find one of the most reputable no deposit bonus bookmarkers that offer a good bonus upon signing up. Make sure to read reviews and testimonials of the particular platform before signing yourself up.

Sign up

When you have made sure the bookmaker is legitimate, sign up through their official website based in Malaysia. Enter your name, relevant email, phone number, and other details to make sure you face no issues in the verification process. Upload a valid photo ID if required.

Enter Bonus Code (Optional)

While some may not need it, many platforms require you to enter a no-deposit bonus code to receive the amount without depositing money.

Claim Bonus

Once your code is approved and you are fully registered, the bonus amount will reflect on your account as money or free bets.

Read the Terms and Conditions

Before using your bonus, read the terms and conditions carefully. It will help you grasp the limitations and uses of the bonus.

Start Betting

Now that everything is clear, you can start placing bets on the events or matches available in the bookmaker. Note that sometimes, there may be limitations to what you can play.


Are No Deposit Bonuses Subject to Wagering Requirements?

Many people remain in the dark regarding this, but no-deposit bonuses are subject to wagering requirements. While this is not prominent, it is primarily true with many online bookies. You must read the terms and conditions carefully before employing your bonus deposit in bets and events.

If the wagering requirements are applicable in this case, make sure to bet safely and with cognizance. For instance, if the no deposit bonus is $5, and the rollover is set at 30x, it means a total of $150 needs to be wagered before you can withdraw your funds along with the bonus money.


Advantages of No Deposit Bonuses

Advantages of No Deposit Bonuses

No-deposit bonuses are among the top strategies adopted by online bookmakers in Malaysia to gain traction amongst interested bettors. There are a lot of advantages attached to this practice, some of which are as follows.

Risk-Free Trial

Since no deposit bonuses do not require any real money from your end, the experience is risk-free as you join the bookmaker for the first time. You can go through the working mechanism of the platform and learn to place a bet on it. Thus, it will give you a betting experience without any strings attached.

Ample Opportunities

Once you familiarize yourself with the operation of the bookmaker post claiming the no deposit bonus Malaysia, it opens up a new range of opportunities for you to try out. You may find yourselves interested in the process and deposit your money to start betting more.


No-deposit bonuses are a great way to inculcate exploration in those who do not know how betting works. These offerings further help them explore their preferred niches and interests to develop a betting spirit.

Strategy Development

When betting through a no deposit bonus, you can gain much experience regarding how betting works. If you continue gambling in the later stages, you can devise strategies from this experience to perform better at what you bet on and how much you should wager.



No deposit bonuses are those bonuses that online bookmakers in Malaysia often offer when a user first joins them. They do not require your money to be deposited before you begin your bets and events. You can use this bonus across the platform on eligible activities.

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