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Terms of Use

The Terms of Use of Betting-Malaysia.online demonstrate a set of rules and regulations that must be followed by the team and users of the website. In fact, this is a legal contract between the website and its users which may lead to judicial consequences if any of the clauses in the Terms of Use are breached.

With this in mind, let’s progress with the actual content of the Terms of Use of Betting-Malaysia.online in the following sections:

Basic Terminologies

  • Any use of the word ‘website’, ‘we’, ‘our’, or ‘us’ refer to Betting-Malaysia.online.
  • When ‘you’, ‘readers’, ‘audience’, or ‘users’ are used, these words are referring to the individuals who visit and consume content provided by Betting-Malaysia.online.
  • Whenever we use the term ‘Agreement’, we are referring to the Terms of Use that have been put forward on this page.

Acceptance of the Agreement

  • Titles, trade names, and official marks of the website are legally owned by Betting-Malaysia.online and its suppliers.
  • When you read and use the information provided on this website, you are willingly giving consent to the limitations set forth by the Terms of Use without any involved alterations in the Agreement.Due to this reason, we encourage all readers to read the Terms of Use of the website carefully because you are requested to fully comply with the conditions provided here. If you disagree with the Terms of Use, then we request you to leave the website.
  • We have full rights to amend any information on the website and the Terms of Use according to needs. In fact, we can do so at our discretion without having to inform the visitors of this website.
  • With that being the case, if you continue to use the services of the website even after modifications have been made, then you voluntarily accept the changes made.
  • Moreover, by continuing to use the services of the website, you confirm that we are not liable to you or any third party for modification, suspension, or termination of the website and its services.

You Agree to the Following Terms

  • All content that are published on the website serves to inform and entertain the visitors who are interested in online gambling activities. Thereby, we are not responsible for the actions launched by users after reading the content of our website, even the ones by email from our end.
  • You are responsible for assessing the Terms of Use of the website on a daily basis to keep up with new modifications.
  • It is your assignment to confirm that online gambling is legal in the country of your residence and that you are of legal age to use gambling services. You must comply with the gambling laws of your country while you read the content of this website.
  • Since the website doesn’t collect the information of the visitors regarding their location or age, if you find any underage individual browsing the website, you can take immediate action to prevent them from visiting this platform. Some of the common ways are to install parental control software on your mobile or desktop devices.
  • You agree to not carry out unlawful and illegal activities with the information you find on this website. In cases like these, we are not liable for the expenses or damages that rose from your misconduct and violation of our Terms of Use.
  • You concede that you won’t transfer any indecent or offensive content through this website. We have the right to remove such content from the platform without giving any warning.
  • You agree to not create or publish any hypertext link or attempt to access the website without authorized permission. Users are not allowed to access, use, repurpose, or post content on and from the website whether that is an image, video, logo, words, data, or design without the explicit permission of the website owner and its suppliers.
  • It is not our duty to resolve or be part of any discrepancies between online gambling sites and users that have risen because of any link or content that has been published on the website.

Website Content Guidelines

  • Although we try to provide the most accurate and relevant information about the online gambling industry, there is no way we can give you 100% accurate information. Therefore, we can’t guarantee or vouch for the accuracy of the content published by the website or third-party websites that are linked to it.
  • The website may accommodate hyperlinks to third-party websites, products, or services for reference purposes only. Therefore, our website doesn’t validate or hold liability for those links that are shared from third-party sources.
  • In light of the situation, you have to use your judgment to assess the authenticity and usability of the products and services presented by those third-party links.
  • All the links and materials on the website may be used by the reader at your own risk and liability. The website doesn’t take any responsibility for any direct or indirect damages caused by the links, materials, and other data.
  • Even though we do our best to keep our website content relevant and accurate, we can’t be held liable for any misinformation, implied or expressed.
  • We don’t promise that all our content are defect-free, as they are delivered based on availability and demand. For that reason, if you are discontent with the publications on our website, you are requested to leave without causing any trouble. Essentially, we are not liable for any consequential, exemplary, or indirect damages caused due to your dissatisfaction.
  • You agree that by proposing content to the website (photographs, questions, video, comments, suggestions, ideas, or reviews), you give us full authority to use, translate, modify, distribute, publish, and reproduce that content to third parties. This right is irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, and fully licensable.
  • The website retained the right to cancel any requests and content that are considered threatening, vulgar, hateful, discriminatory, sexually oriented, in breach of international laws, and invasive of someone’s privacy.
  • The website also has no tolerance for spam content. Hence, spam posted on behalf of online sports betting sites or casinos will be reported immediately, and the content distributor will be sent to our blacklist.

Responsible Gambling

As an affiliate website for online gambling sites, we practice and encourage our readers to abide by responsible gambling rules. None of our content on the website is published with the intention of harming any individual.

If you or someone near you are suffering from problem gambling, then you must take the initiative to learn more about responsible gambling, so you can make your life better.

Some people have mental or physical illnesses that prevent them from living a healthy life. They are more prone to developing gambling addiction because they have underlying issues within themselves.

Our website believes in healthy gambling and works toward educating online gamblers about the pros and cons of unhealthy gambling habits. We share lots of content about safe gambling, besides publishing reviews and promotional offers.

In essence, the main aim of Betting-Malaysia.online is to create a better online gambling environment for all Malaysian punters. As safe gambling is part of their well-being, we promise to deliver the best information and education for all involved.